As someone who focuses on natural light photography, I've never really got involved in classic 'portrait' shoots. However, as a huge fan of candid street photography, I felt there was an opportunity to combine that with taking natural images of families, to create a totally new style of portrait photography.

“We spent a fabulous couple of hours with the very talented Gill Prince recently. If you are interested in more than a studio photo-shoot I can't recommend her enough. It was a great mix of candid and naturally posed shots, taken during a fun afternoon in Campbell Park.”

For a session of this type, I typically 'tag along' with a family, or a couple, as they go out for a normal day or part day - staying in the background for much of the time and taking candid photos in the same way as I would with street shots, without them posing or engaging with me directly. Then for part of the time, when they are suitably relaxed, I also ask them to pose for some of the images. As you will see, the results can be quite effective!