New Milton Keynes young persons' photo competition

March 20, 2017

Calling all young photographers!

The Cornerstone Gallery would like you to get out and about and take a photograph of your favourite view of Milton Keynes, as part of the MK50 celebrations this year!

The competition is open to any young person aged 22 or under - and the three age groups are:

12 and under 
17 and under 
22 and under

Each entrant can submit up to five images, and these must be sent by 5pm on the 28th of April 2017.

I'm delighted to be on the judging panel for this competition, and along with the gallery team I will be choosing a maximum of 15 entries in each category to feature in the exhibition, which will take place from 6th to 20th of May 2017 in the Cornerstone Gallery. There will also be a celebration and Private View of the work on the 9th of May from 6pm to 8pm.

If you have a proper camera of any kind, that's great, but if not then a smartphone image is also absolutely fine - and feel free to use filters or make a collage of lots of images. We are looking for creativity!

You can enter via Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #cornerstonephotocomp, or by emailing your images to If you are over 13, you can also upload your images to the competition Facebook page - or please ask an adult to do that for you if you are younger.

Please make sure you state which age category you are entering - and also note that if your image is chosen, we will need the original file to print from as these will be A3 size.

We hope to have around 40 to 45 images printed out and mounted for the exhibition in May - and when the exhibition has finished the print is yours to keep!

For further information, please email Jane Charles at