A seriously lucky rainbow moment

April 03, 2016

I've been away for the last week in Scotland on a bit of a road trip with my sister - and you can see the full gallery of images here. I'll be doing a write-up about our travels over the next week or two, but just wanted to post a short blog about our early morning shoot at Castle Stalker a couple of days ago.

We'd headed out before sunrise in the hope of getting some shots of the morning light on the castle, with some dark sky behind if we were lucky - which worked perfectly as you will see. Then just as we were thinking about heading back to the hotel for breakfast, we noticed a rainbow appearing to the left of the castle. Within a couple of minutes the full arch had appeared and the overall result was stunning. 

Of course, as photographers we wanted to capture the moment, but the rainbow was huge, and very close - so the only answer was a quick five shot vertical panorama before it disappeared. I had no idea at the time if it would stitch together in a perfect curve, but it was the best option we had. And the sun even managed to stay on the castle at the same time. 


When we got back I had a quick go at creating the image in Photoshop, and by some miracle it all went together perfectly. It's always a challenge with rainbows to make them bright enough without looking unrealistic, and hopefully this has come out about right!

I posted it on Twitter and tagged VistScotland before we left the hotel to move on to Loch Lomond, and was delighted a few hours later when I checked my Twitter account again, to see that Visit Scotland had retweeted it - and my image has since racked up over 70 retweets and more than 220 likes. Not bad for one lucky shot - though they do say it's all about being in the right place at the right time, and we did get up VERY early!