My images on the wall in Milton Keynes

January 17, 2016

After taking part in Light & Land on the Mall last Summer, I was totally converted to the whole concept of printing my images, and seeing them 'in the flesh' so to speak, rather than just on a computer screen. Add a mount and a suitable frame, and suddenly you really see how photography becomes art, and why it should be valued equally, alongside images that are created with paint and a brush!

So, having decided that I would love to see more of my images on the wall, and as part of my ongoing plan to develop my photography business, I started to look for opportunities to get exposure for my work across a wider audience where I live in Milton Keynes. It wasn't long before I spotted an opportunity rather closer to home than I expected, when a new commercial unit on the estate in which I live was leased by a private dental practice - Claydon Dental.

I saw the shop-fit was kicking into action and so I contacted the agent, who very kindly put me in touch with the business owner, and I was delighted to be able to come to an agreement to display my images at the practice - with a view to raising my profile as a photographer and also hopefully generating some sales, while at the same time adding some extra decorative elements to what was otherwise quite a clinical environment. 

The next step was to find a local framer to partner with, something which I'd been planning to do anyway, as prior to this I'd been using a company that was recommended by an industry colleague - but unfortunately they are in Cornwall! Not hugely practical . . . A few Google searches led me to local specialists Bruckner Framing, who not only print the images and cut the mounts, but also hand-make the frames from solid oak and stain them to your exact colour requirements. Something which was particularly useful, given that the high quality shop-fit at the practice features quite a lot of hand finished wood elements.

With the images chosen jointly by myself and Claydon Dental, to suit their colour schemes and style, we went ahead with the printing and framing - before finally hanging the seven prints just before the official opening in early January. It's now great to get a sneak peek of my pictures every time I walk past on my way to Waitrose - something which you never quite get bored of! Or at least I haven't yet - maybe when I've been doing this longer I might, but for now it's still a thrill to see them out there in public, and to hope that everyone else appreciates them too. 

To see the images, and find out how to buy them - framed, mounted or just printed - please click here.