Top 25 Photography Oxford Festival Judges' Choice image

October 30, 2014

Just found out that one of my images has been placed in the Top 25 by the judges of Photography Oxford Festival ‘Glass’ themed competition which ran on Photocrowd recently – and will be featured in the Photography Oxford exhibition in September. Watch this space for details!

This is what the expert judges had to say about the image:

“An elegant image of elegant architecture, beautifully framed. The moment is well-chosen – the diffuse light enhances the palette of rich neutrals, and the glass becomes the subject because it introduces movement that contrasts with the stasis of the architecture. Sunlight on the opposite buildings (behind the camera) reflects a rich glow onto the stone, and fills the windows in the photographs with golden dancing forms. A calm and well-seen image that engages attention by using the distortions of the glass as a screen to project a feeling of energy.”

Find out more about the competition at

Well I finally made it to the Photography Oxford Festival exhibition the other day, and it was great to see my picture on the wall and toast it with a glass of something fizzy! Hopefully the first of many. I definitely get what Charlie Waite means about there being no substitute for actually printing your photographs. Talking of which, I’m just in the process of deciding whether to get some space at the Light & Land on The Mall exhibition next August. Might just be too good an opportunity to miss! Will keep you posted on that one . . .