Top 1% in a recent Architectural Photography competition

January 13, 2015

Delighted to hear I came 7th out of 700 in the Expert Vote of the recent Photocrowd ‘Architecture’ competition. This is what Judge Richard Glover had to say about my entry:

“I have said it several times in this Photocrowd critique, and I certainly say it to all my students: what is the ‘idea’ of the photograph?! This photograph has an idea – the use of reflections to graphically illustrate the architecture. In this instance the subject is the architecture of the Valencia Science Park (the work of principal architect Santiago Calatrava). This graphic approach grabs your attention and forces you to look at it closely to try and understand what it is you are actually looking at. The soft monochrome tones impede this interpretation and in turn enhance the graphic quality of the photographic approach.

(Lovers of monochromatic (digital) photographs must, if they are serious about their photography, take the plunge into the depths of analogue black and white film, processing and printing if they really want to appreciate this important photographic genre. This image would be a great subject for such exploration.)

The idea of this photograph is not to impart fundamental information about the architecture (i.e. site, scale, use), but to visually arrest our attention, to drag us into the frame, to tease our sense of order and ultimately to stimulate our awareness of the subject.

This has been done successfully to the extent it forced your judge to look at other photographs of this subject – – which led me to conclude that this is a particularly distinct photographic example of this wonderful architectural site. Well done.”

Many thanks Richard – seriously pleased with this review!

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Richard is a photographer whose works have been exhibited at or are held in the collections of the Architectural Association, Barbican Centre, Association of Photographers Gallery, RIBA Gallery, Tate Modern, Art Gallery of NSW and ArtBank Australia. His commercial clients include prominent architects, designers, corporations and publishers. Richard’s work features regularly in the architectural and design press. As a teacher he has lectured and tutored at colleges and institutions in the UK and Australia. He is also the director of photography at Outcast Editions and publisher of interactive architecture and design books for iPad.