Gill Taylor Photography becomes Gill Prince Photography

November 16, 2015

I recently got married, and then had the dilemma about whether to change my 'stage name' to match my new real name. Initially I'd planned to keep them separate - as many people do, particularly in careers where they have become known by their previous name. But after a week of living two lives and having to remember which name went where, I decided I just couldn't do it. It was all far too confusing! I wanted one name and one identity. So then began the painful process of switching everything over . . .

I last changed my name in 1989, and back then it was simple - bank, driving license, passport, utilities. Job done! Not quite so simple now though. Especially when you have your own business, which also includes your name (could be a lesson to learn here!), and if you're in the process of establishing a presence on social media. One thing leads to another, and another and another - and by the time you've finished you're thoroughly confused. And even then you're not sure if you've changed absolutely everything!

So anyway, as I said - Gill Taylor Photography is now Gill Prince Photography. And at the same time I took the opportunity to update my old Twitter handle from @BeCloudless (which made sense way back when, for my copywriting business) to the rather more descriptive @GillPrincePhoto - which is much nicer I think!

If you happen to spot any rogue instances of 'Gill Taylor' still floating around out there, or any dead links, please do let me know. Thank you :o)