My first taste of exhibiting my images

August 20, 2015

A while back I made the rather momentous decision to put my images up for consideration for Light & Land on The Mall - an exhibition of landscape images organised by Charlie Waite and the team at Light & Land. Well, to cut a long story short, six of my images made the grade, and so began the process of getting them printed and onto the wall. Sounds easy doesn't it?

Happily, I was able to call on client, colleague and friend Carla Regler - who has her own gallery in Cornwall and was also exhibiting - for some framing advice, which led to me using her local framer for my images as well. It meant a trip to Cornwall to collect them, but who's complaining about that?! The scary bit was signing the mounts before they were framed, I was terrified of wrecking one of them, but all went well - and I'll be less nervous next time.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and 'hanging day' arrived at The Mall Galleries in London - a great venue! Along with 70-odd other exhibitors we spent the day attaching mirror plates, measuring up, checking levels, polishing glass and adjusting spotlights, before the big reveal at the Private View that evening. What an experience - and huge thanks to my sister and my fiancé, and to Carla, who helped me to get them all on the wall in one piece.

I can't emphasise enough just what a brilliant experience it was. Not only having my images on the wall in London for a week alongside Carla, as well as photographers like Valda Bailey and some of the leaders from Light & Land - but also the whole process of choosing, framing and hanging my photographs. As Charlie always says, there's nothing quite like looking at them on the wall (and seeing others do the same!) rather than flicking through them on a screen. Trouble is, I'm a bit hooked now - so where can I exhibit next I wonder??