1-2-1 Photography Tuition in Milton Keynes

If you are currently using your camera mostly on auto, but would like to know more about what else it could do, then I can help. I offer everything from 'off auto' tuition, right through to a range of more specialised techniques to suit your level of knowledge. This also includes post processing in Photoshop Elements, and Adobe Lightroom. To buy Tuition Vouchers, please click the voucher image, or please contact me to book directly.

If you're not sure whether this type of tuition is for you, here's a recent quote from one of my clients, Vanessa Cook, which may help you to decide:

"I loved every minute of my one to one photography session with Gill. I have been on a number of courses in the past, without much success - too heavy on the techie equipment side of things. Gill's session though was perfect for me. She took the time to listen to me, to ask questions to find my level of knowledge and understanding (basic!) and find out what I wanted to learn. The practical side of things was great fun and very instructive; Gill's great at pitching the sessions at the right level. Can't wait for the next one!"

Following on from this session, I also ran a processing workshop with Vanessa, which she also enjoyed:

"I also had some Photoshop Elements tuition from Gill - and it's now making sense! She gave me the information I really needed to get started and we used a practical example of a photo I'd taken. All-in-all a really useful and fun session."

How does it work?
I usually prefer to chat on the phone initially, to find out a little more about what someone would like to get out of the process, so I can tailor what I teach accordingly – in relation to your current level and eventual aspirations! The type of images you like to take is also important of course. 
Then, when it comes to the sessions themselves, I’m equally happy to do one longer session - a day or half day – or a number of shorter ones, to give you time to practice what we’ve learned in between! This does of course depend on your location, but if you are near Milton Keynes, then this is very easy to do.

What equipment do I need?
I can help you to take better images on any camera, but to get the most out of the tuition, it really helps if you have what they call 'manual override' - which is basically the ability to select the shutter speed and/or aperture independently, rather than just have the camera do it for you. If you have a bridge camera, a compact system camera (also known as a 'mirrorless') or a DSLR then this will certainly be the case - but many compacts also have this ability.

Having said that, I recommend teaching initially on a mirrorless camera, which I will bring with me for you to use. These provide extremely good quality images, but also have an electronic viewfinder, so we can see the images instantly even in bright light. This makes it much easier to teach different aspects, when you can see the outcome straight away, and understand how different settings impact the image you take.

In effect, we're separating learning photographic techniques from learning how to use a particular camera – a bit like a driving school providing the car. Then, once we have gone through a specific aspect of photography, we can look at transferring those skills to your own camera, and finding the correct controls – as all camera makes tend to be quite different!

What next?
If you would like to find out more, please call me on 07595 161855, or email gill@gillprincephotography.com. It would be great to hear from you.